The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture

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Saws and Saw Tools : E.C. Atkins & Co. : 1894

Warranted Superior Saw Collectible saw by krisfindings on Etsy. There isn’t a single broken tooth and the nib is still on the end of the blade. Medline, the most popular online medical search tool, is the online version of Index Medicus, an index to medical, pharmaceutical, dental, optometric and dental journals. Warranted Superior Crosscut saw. The main saw box arrived in perfect shape. Any ideas as to origin and value.

Date: c Type: rip. Length: 10 PPI: Notes: brass back, minty. American Handsaws. E.C Atkins Date: c Type: rip. Length: 26 PPI: 6.

Remember Me? What’s New? Results 1 to 12 of Thread: An Atkins it is, but which model? An Atkins it is, but which model? Hello everybody, This being my first post I believe I owe you all a short introduction. The name’s Kim. Being Finnish this also makes me a male, just so no one needs to ask. I share this very interest with all of you since about a year ago, and like most, I’m very badly bitten by the bug. Being a journalist I am used to research, but still I have come up very short with finding information about Atkins saws.

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We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. When it comes to saws, aspiring sawyers have two basic questions: What saws should I own to build furniture? And where can I get them? Below is my basic set, which is based on the furniture I build casework, chairs, tables, general stuff , my personal preferences I like longer, coarser saws and established historical practice.

In other words, if you have a problem with my list, make you own list and post it below in the comments.

You see that on old English and Scottish infill plane dating too. A traditional As far as dating saws go, the simple answer is you can’t, unless you can produce a dated restoration like the seaton chest saws. E.C. Atkins Publications (pdf).

Its use dates back to the Neolithic or later Stone Age before the discovery of metals , when only the crudest of implements were constructed, making the hand saw a most primitive tool in all sense of the word. For the purposes of this article, a primitive hand saw is defined as a hand-crafted tool made in the 18th and early 19th century designed to cut primarily wood and other materials. By the s, almost every household owned a saw of some kind. Saws were made in a variety of shapes and sizes designed for the different types of jobs the tool was required to perform, making them among the most technically complex of all hand tools used by woodworkers to manufacture.

Large saws were used to cut wood into planks, boards, and veneers for building purposes, and smaller saws were used to cut boards into parts, to cut joints, and to make decorative piercings. To work well, saw blades had to maintain a delicate balance of hardness so that they would stay sharp, stiffness so that they could be pushed through the wood, flexibility so that they would bend and not break under stress, and smoothness of surface so that they would not bind in the cut.

Most were hand-crafted and designed to be passed through the family. Ripsaws were designed to cut with the grain, along the length of boards. Hand saws were slightly smaller and were used to cut both along and across the grain.

A Nest of Saws

The medallions on Disston handsaws changed more over time than any other feature on the saw. By using the medallion, you can estimate the age of your saw. The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, and backsaws. The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool Journal. His article assigned manufacturing dates to Disston saws, based on the medallions, creating what is called a type study.

Since the publication of Taran’s ground-breaking research, the number of known medallions has increased significantly, and they have been featured on the Disstonian Institute website.

Nice apple handle with several short gauge cracks, seems very superior. No readable dating. Hand saw that should likely go to wor Atkins No. Blade is straight.

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Hand Saws: A Primitive Tool on the Cutting Edge

Warranted Superior Saw. It also has a latin inscription. The wood on both saws has minor chips, with one larger chip on the back of the handle of the Atkins pictured.

Atkins & Co. is best known for making hand saws, circular saw blades and bandsaw blades, as well as grinders and cooperage machinery. Three.

February 17, Introduction. This site covers saws and other tools made by E. In it was purchased by Borg-Warner Corporation. The Indianapolis factory was closed in and its operations relocated to Greenville, Mississippi. Nicholson File Co. Atkins had 14 major product lines which Nicholson consolidated or eliminated. Nicholson produced some saws under the Nicholson name before ceasing hand saw production.

The Atkins factory was located on S. Illinois St. South St.

E.C. Atkins

There are a couple places on the property that I might still turn another one up. What I do know is that it is a beauty. I hope it saws as well as it looks.

Wedging to relieve pressure on the saw, Mt. Hood National Forest, —USDA Forest Service Forest, Georgia.—USDA Forest Service photo, date unknown (Atkins). Other names included Precision Ground and Arc. Ground (figure 7).

E-mail About Us. Buying antique tools by mail can be fraught with risk, because of all of the hidden problems that tools might have. Even in person, these problems are sometimes missed, and even new tools sometimes have functionality issues. If a saw is kinked, it is really not worth picking up of the ground, and 9 out of ten saws that I see have a kink or other bend that makes them none-functional. If we say that a usable, you can be assured that it is. All of our saws will have straight, usable, blades, unless we state otherwise.

Most of them will need at least a light sharpening. Rarely will they need setting. It takes a lot of sharpenings before you really need to set the saw teeth. I believe that learning to sharpen your own saws is a basic skill that all woodworkers should possess, and we offer all of the files that you might need in our new tool department.

Tools and Trades History Society

Some of them will have a button to click to see a Picture. Instead of having to load each image to continue, just scroll this list and click to see an image. This list has saws, and sharpening miscellaneous, especially for cross cut and hand saws. So, it is safe to give credit card information. Just click on Click To Order in any section, or right here.

This is one of the most unusual Atkins saws we have seen with early patent date on the medallion. It has the 26″, straight back blade with 8 teeth per inch.

Antique, vintage and newer tools for all trades and collectors. Germany, Tum, smooth plane, Sold 4. Sold W Woden block plane, Sold. Starrett Co. Antique Buck Brothers cast iron 16″ shooting plane Sold Record Shoulder Plane, Sold.

Warranted Superior Saw

This company was best known for making handsaws, circular sawblades and bandsaw blades, but they also made grinders and cooperage machinery. Elias C. Atkins started business under his own name in An ad shows that he had licensed and manufactured patented designs for muley saws and crosscut saws. The partnership incorporated as “E.

Saws and Saw Tools: E.C. Atkins & Co.: by: E.C. Atkins & Co. Publication date: Usage: Attribution-No Derivative Works

Hand saws are used all the time in traditional woodworking. And with the emergence of marketplaces like Ebay and with the rise of a lot of quality hand saw makers, you can find excellent new and antique hand saws with greater ease than ever before. Below I summarize each of these three hand saw types:. Back saws have fine teeth and thin metal saw plates, and are used for making precision wood cuts.

They have rigid brass or steel backs to keep the saw plate from bending, which provides rigidity for accurate cuts of wood joints. The smaller the saw teeth, the finer the cut. Historically, back saws were used primarily by joiners and cabinetmakers, and are typically more expensive than normal hand saws.

Rare Disston & Sons Saw Pwalpar VLOG Part One 7 26 2016

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